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The boat goes slowly enough that it’s not like you’re going to miss anything on the first trip , I agree, Sarah. And I hate that I don't wanna let go You captured all the castles so well in your pictures! Writer(s): Daniel Nigro, Freya Ridings. Ha-Ha me too! Stahleck is now a youth hostel where you can spend a night or two if you choose to do so. Located opposite of Assmannshausen, Rheinstein was our favorite castles on the Rhine. I have been to Germany twice. Only three castles remain relatively intact in the upper valley and most travelers visit one of these, making them the most famous castles in Germany along the Rhine River. Built in 1225 to protect the tax St. Goar tax collectors, Rheinfels quickly became one of the most spectacular castles of the Rhine Valley. Sounds like a great place to relax and take in the views! My daughter is 6 she would love to see these. You can’t beat that! LOL! This half timbered village will have you falling in love with it in a matter of minutes. Why you ask? The ruins of Rheinfels Castle sit high above St. Goar like a ghost from the past, while the Katz Castle sits across the river staring at the town of St. Goar. Ive never been to this part of Germany, nor have I went looking for castles! You got that rush and then you walk out the door Especially because we love castles! You captured all the castles so well in your pictures! OMG I’ve always wanted to visit Rhine Valley! Wow, those castles are beautiful! Like most other castles in this area, it was built for the sole purpose of generating revenue from boats traveling down the Rhine River. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And I hate that you think that I'm weak During the first trip we drove the Rhine from Mainz to Koblenz and enjoyed several towns and loved the castles. We also took the train back and it was a good thing because the return boat we would have taken wasn’t running all the way back to Mainz. We highly recommend Germany. Even though the castle doesn’t offer guided tours, you are welcome to come up and admire the views while sipping a glass of wine in the castle’s courtyard. Today, visitors can immerse themselves in medieval history by touring the many towers, halls, and passageways that intertwine to make up Rheinfels castle. Your email address will not be published. Lyrics to 'Castles' by Freya Ridings. The oldest part of the castle is the tower which contains walls that are over 3-meters thick! It wasn’t until 1346 that a new castle was built on the site on to later be destroyed in the War of the Palatine Succession. That I'm gonna build castles From the rubble of your love From the rubble of your love I'm gonna be more than You ever thought I was You ever thought I was [Bridge] Oh, oh Oh, oh [Chorus] This gorgeous castle is a classic example of neo-Gothic style. Schonburg Castle is now a hotel that boasts 27 rooms along with a prison tower and a library! Jan 25, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by MaineLifeAudit. It is the absolutely picture-perfect, postcard castle you may imagine as you close your eyes and daydream of Scottish castles. I need to plan a trip quick especially now when I am moving to south of Poland so I can drive there easily ! The cruise is a great idea but people who want a more active vacation I wonder if it would be possible to bike the route? From the rubble of your love Thanks, Amy! Legend has it that a young maiden threw herself into the river in a fit of despair over an unfaithful lover. The feel of history-influenced rural terrain under my feet is home turf indeed as the long list of Aberdeenshire castles drifts once more into my crosshairs. Ride the chair lift to the top of the hill while overlooking half-timbered house and beautiful vineyards. You ever thought I was It was a great trip! You’ve given me too many choices for what to go back and see now! They did seem to be out of a fairytale, but so did the little villages surrounding them. The thermal spas, wonderful wine, and great places to stay make Assmannshausen a desired destination for visitors from all over the world. That is until it was purchased by the Rhinelander family in the late 19th century and restored. These are actually only a few of the castles in this area. Thanks so much, Ron. AZLyrics. For our trip to the Rhine Valley, we decided to make the charming town of Bacharach our home base. It truly was a great trip! Thanks to Phil, KAM, tabi for correcting these lyrics. A long standing history, Rheinfels was one of the only castles on the Rhine’s left bank to withstand the attacks from King Louis XIV. Hi, Tori. I would love to visit some of these in my lifetime! Copyright: Writer(s): Daniel Nigro, Freya Ridings Lyrics Terms of Use, You left my love, you hit the target Sign up now to receive updates from That Texas Couple, and to get our. It was still really nice and super relaxing. Thanks for the tips! You left my love, you hit the target You got that rush and then you walk out the door You kept me small, is what you wanted I never noticed We are doing that next time! Forced me to add this locale to my bucket list. They are literally out of a fairytale Disney movie. Very informative post. Discover (and save!) I’m glad that one can stay in some of the castles. NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE, GERMANY. Several are individually owned, and therefore not tourable, but there are several that you can tour and even stay the night in! We loved Germany as well, and can’t wait to go back! Whether you’re visiting one country or many, by land or via river cruise, these five centuries-old manors are definite must-sees. Your daughter would feel just like a princess! Famous for being the starting point of the Rheingau Riesling Route, you will find the area growing Riesling and pinot-noir grapes. Touring this castle gives you insight into wonderful paintings and furniture. Schonburg Castle was built in the 12th century for the Dukes of Schonburg, the ruling family of Oberwesel at this time. I never noticed, You held my hand into the darkness We are Marty and Michelle, That Texas Couple! These look spectacular and now I definitely want to book a trip with the family to see them! And if you love a good ghost story, ask about Petermännchen, the castle’s very own poltergeist believed to play mean tricks on unsuspecting wrongdoers. That’s exactly why we put together this post outlining the beautiful castles of the Rhine. Luckily our captain didn’t fall under her spell, and we sailed safely past! We never made it to Rhine – had we known there were this many castles we would have made sure we visited this beautiful city. It was truly magical. All of the castles in this guide can be reached by car in about 2 hours or less. It’s more a series of rambling buildings than a contained stronghold, but it dates back to the 13th century and was actually built on a Viking site. Omg! That Texas Couple is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Love the photos! Only to gain more power in 1479 when Neukatzenelnbogen ‘Katz’ Castle was built across the river. Originally built in the 11th century, Sooneck Castle was destroyed twice. Visitors will definitely want to see the ruins of Wernerkapelle, the ruined church that has an interesting story behind it, before stopping into Altes Haus, the oldest house in Bacharach. Read our full disclosure here. While cruising past Rheinfels, be on the lookout for the infamous statue of the Loreley, the beautiful-but-deadly nymph. album: "Freya Ridings" (2019) I can’t get enough of Germany. Em. I’ve never been to this part of Germany but it seems great for the summer or fall. Built by the archbishop in 1219 to protect his lands, Furstenburg Castle is now one of the ruined castles of the Rhine. Gee. Best Castles in Germany. How beautiful! Only to gain more power in 1479 when Neukatzenelnbogen ‘Katz’ Castle was built across the river. Inside you will find a large collection of cast-iron plates, hunting trophies from all over the world, weapons, arms, porcelain, and furniture from centuries. Known for growing a different type of grape than the traditional Riesling of this region, Assmannshausen specializes in a delicious red wine that is ruby in color with notes of cherry, blackberry, and a hint of smoke. Surrounded by lush vineyards, German fairy tale towns, and gorgeous medieval castles, you can’t help but feel like you have whisked away to a far off land as you explore this beautiful region.

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