how to deploy web application on server

Deploys precompiled assemblies to the specific server, Lets us to deploy the web site without source code files, It is done either from publish web site command or from command prompt using the aspnet_compiler command. setup.exe is the file we will run to install the application and setup.msi contains all of the files to be installed.The setup.exe and setup.msi files are stored in the web setup project’s debug or release folder. We use the web application created in the earlier sections. The text 'Guru 99 ASP.Net' is displayed. Choose the 'Publish' Option from the context menu. Step 1) On Windows Server 2012, the default dashboard is shown as below. Step 2) On the next screen, select the 'New Profile' option to create a new Publish profile. Step 2) On the next screen, you need to click the Next button to proceed. Right click the project that contains your website and click Publish. Step 8) Click the 'Publish' button in the final screen, When all of the above steps are executed, you will get the following output in Visual Studio. by Tom Dykstra. Then after we can run that batch file at given time we make changes to the application and want to deploy the updated code.We can also perform xcopy deployment from visual studio by using copy website command. The setup.exe and setup.msi files are stored in the web setup project’s debug or release folder. There are various ways to deploy a web application. The publish web site command lets us to precompile an application and copy the precompiled assemblies to a target server. If you are a newcomer to web application deployment, I hope that this article will help to guide you to the best services and to avoid some of the potential pitfalls. The publish profile will have the settings for publishing the web application via Web Deploy. How to create a setup Choose the file -> add -> new project command to display the add new project dialog box. Give a name for the profile such as 'WebPublish', Click the 'OK' button to create the profile, Enter the site name as Default Website – Remember that this is the name of the website in IIS, Finally, click the Next button to proceed. IIS is normally installed on a Window Server. Choose the Publish Option from the context menu. The syntax of aspnet_compiler commandThe aspnet_compiler command is located in the framework directory, c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727aspnet_compiler –v virtual-directory [-u] [-d] [-f] [target-directory]where, Eg.Precomplies existing websiteAspnet_compiler –v test d:\testIn same placeAspnet_complier –v testWith debugging informationAspnet_compiler –v test –u –d d:\testIf we specify target directory the precompiled web site is stored in the specified directory else the website is precompiled in place. Undeploy an individual application. In IIS, you will have an initial site set up called Default Web Site. Once the web application is developed, it is then deployed on an IIS Server. Select web setup project as template, enter a name for websetup project click ok. Then, choose setup and deployment. Can be used to deploy precompiled assemblies and can be configured to include or omit the source code. After developing a web application, the next important step is to deploy the web application. They also have a free community edition of the enterprise version. Step 1) Let's first ensure we have our web application 'DemoApplication' open in Visual Studio. The IIS Server will perform all the required operations as per request. Step 2) Open the 'Demo.aspx' file and enter the string "Guru 99 ASP.Net.". In the solution explorer right click the web setup project and choose the add-> project output command to display the add project output group dialog box, then click ok to add the content files from you website to the web setup project Use the buttons that are displayed at the top of the solution explorer when web setup project is selected to access setup editors that lets us to customize various aspects of the web setup project. Click the Next button to proceed. Enter the target location as C:\inetpub\wwwroot – This is the standard file location for the Default Web site in IIS. By stateless, it... Let's look at an example of how we can implement a simple "hello world" application. ASP.Net web applications can be deployed using File copy method. There are two ways to deploy an application to the server, you will see both over here. You have more control over the deployment. There are several way we can deploy our web application, We can deploy ASP.NET Application in  3 different ways. Step 7) In the final screen, click the Install button to begin the installation. from the development system to the server on which the application will From the output, you will see that the Publish succeeded. "Publishing package"). I have completed my Masters in Computers and Management (people call it as MCA, MBA etc.) Finally, the IIS Server sends the output back to the user. It will open another screen (see step below). The first step is to click on the 'Add roles and features' on the dashboard. IIS or Internet Information Server is the server used to host .Net web applications. be run. Avoids delays caused by compiling web pages when they are first accessed by a user. To perform xcopy we use copy web site command. ASP.Net web applications can also be deployed using Web Publish method. By default, the manager application is deployed under context /manager , so to access it, type the following URL into your web browser’s address bar (the port number may vary, depending on your server’s configuration): We can use the xcopy command from a command prompt. Deploying an ASP.NET application via the Publish Wizard method is very similar to the Xcopy Deployment of a Windows Forms Application method. The key difference in this method is that, Let's use the same Demo Application and see how we can publish using the "website publish method.".

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